Welcome to the Junior Section of Southern Districts Cricket Club

What options are there for my Child?

After School hubs

Designed for Years 0-2, our afterschool hubs are to  introduce fundamental skills.

Fundamental movement skills are very important to a child’s physical literacy development. When confident and competent in these skills, such as throwing, kicking, running, jumping, hopping and catching, children will find it easier to apply these skills to a sport situation: for example, kicking a soccer ball, running a sprint, jumping up for a basketball rebound, or catching a cricket ball.

These sessions will take place at Beckenham Park, and numbers dependent at local schools.  We will have small groups and use cricket and other sports to teach these fundamental skills.

Traditional’ Interclub cricket

There are many grades and options available for more traditional Saturday Morning cricket, from Year 1 Kiwi cricket, to Year 8 Premier Hardball Cricket. We also have two Girls only teams.  Many of these grades are played on a Saturday morning from 9am.

Years 0-4  is played locally usually at either Bradford or Beckenham Parks. Year 5-8  is played around the city on artificial wickets at Primary schools or council parks. 

In-School Cricket

SDCC works closely with our schools to provide cricketing opportunities to all students. We support schools to enter local Interschool competitions and have ongoing coaching visits to some schools.

How much is it?

Our subs are currently $40 / Junior Player, with discounts for siblings. 

All gear and uniforms are provided as needed. The only requirement is for Boys Yr 5 and above to have their own protective box.

We also have Club hoodies for sale here: 

How do we register?

All registrations are taken through CricHQ. Please follow the link and register your child.
*Note if you are unable to pay straight away, when you get to the end, instead of the credit card screen, you can click on ‘Bank Account’ on the right tab and an invoice will be sent instead.


Where can we find the draw / grade rules / tournament nominations?

All Junior Cricket is managed by the Christchurch Junior Cricket Association (CJCA).
Their website contains all of the draws, results, grade rules, and tournament information. https://www.cjca.org.nz

Any further questions,

Please contact

Cat Quinn

Junior Co-ordinator

027 298 1031