Our membership fees help pay for cricket uniforms, equipment and facilities, coaching and ground staff, council lease, and SDCC club facilities in general (including power, phone, administration, insurance etc.)

Prices are for the 2017-18 season and are set each year at the AGM (SDCC constitution Clause 6a)



All subscriptions are reduced if paid in full by 9th December, please read Membership handbook for more information.
Registration Fee (Payable upon registration, deducted from your subscription)$50
Adult membership$300 ($220)
U21/Students$200 ($150)
T20 Grade$200 ($150)
Social (non-playing) member$15
Casual member$10/game (maximum of 12 games in one season)
ADULT Bank Account - Name as reference03-1594-0095610-000


Junior Club (Primary school)$50
Additional family member$10
Youth member (High School) $10/game
JUNIOR Bank Account - Name as reference 03-1594-0089667-000

Registrations now open

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Responsibilities of Membership

Membership Terms and Conditions

1. Full payment of playing subscription is required before the 9th December of the current playing season                        

2. A member can arrange a payment plan. This is to be a regular weekly automatic payment that will see the subscription payed in full by the 9th December (for example, $50 upfront upon registration, with $17/ week until the 9th Dec)

3. Priority team selection will be given to members that are financial members

4. Members with outstanding subscriptions after the Christmas break will be ineligible for selection unless they have received an exemption from the committee, and may be subject to Debt collection costs

5. NZC have mandated the use of CricHQ for registering players. Once you have registered with the club, you will receive an email to claim your profile on CricHQ

Your responsibilities as a SDCC Club member

Pay your subscription before the due date OR make early arrangements for payment.

Arrive at the playing venue on match days by the designated time wearing appropriate attire.

Adhere to ‘The Spirit of Cricket  the Christchurch Metro Cricket Assn ‘CMCA’ ‘Code of Conduct. and Christchurch Junior Cricket Assn ‘CJCA’ Code of Behaviour and Etiquette and Parents code.

Participate in at least one fundraising project for the year. The money raised from these events help pays club expenses to keep your subscriptions lower

Agree to the Membership terms and conditions 'Membership Terms and Conditions'

Adhere to the Health and Safety Policy.